Cover Me: An Entrance Pavilion for the Geffen Contemporary at MoCA
Instructor: Ramiro Diazgranados
UCLA Jumpstart Program
Summer 2006

This design creates two distinct inhabitable zones, one above and one below the canopy. a simple striation is contorted by equal and opposite forces, and then pulled up to form a bleacher-like structure. The first force, a spatial swelling, creates the vast open space under the canopy. The roof on this space acts like a set of blinds, both filtering in sunlight and providing some shade. The other force forms an outdoor plaza and place for a prominent ticket booth. this ticket booth serves as both a visual marker for patrons as well as a programmatic anchor that physically tugs the striations to their new configuration. By gradually inclining some of these “bleachers” into ramps, people are able to climb onto the structure to take a stroll, gather in the balconies at the ends, or even watch performances happening on the plaza