Interstitch: Silverlake Branch Library
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Instructor: Georgina Huljich
UCLA Fall 2009
Design Team: Rona Karp, Haila Adamo

interstice (noun): a small structural space between tissues or parts of an organ
interstitch (noun): the interstitial space derived from stitching between formed singularities

Based on the desire to expand the architectural meaning of the interstice, our concept for the Silverlake Branch Library attempts to produce interstitial space by stitching between formed singularities located on the surfaces of the building envelope. These formed singularities are large-scale apertures that bring in bodies, sunlight, and framed views of the surrounding context. Stitching between singularities that exist on different planes located at different datums produces an internal branching organization that echoes the growth logic underlying the tessellated grids of muqarna systems. The interstitches physically connect spaces, connect building interior to the urban exterior, and allow natural light to stream in through the branches.

The commingling of the building envelope and the internal branching system create the opportunity for bodies to experience space as it exists between envelope and interstitch. Surfaces mediating between the programmatic instances of branch to branch and branch to envelope singularity are non-uniform, creating a sense of attraction and draw, continuity and smoothness. As the body is drawn along the non-uniform surfaces, the branches dematerialize and unroll into floorplates, allowing the body to spill out into normative spaces housing library stacks. Reading areas are located in the most intense moments of dematerialization. The internal surfaces of the branches are articulated with color, and this surface effect coupled with the application of wood to both floor surfaces and to selected adjoining walls further emphasizes the continuity of the surface organization. Flashes of lime green and violet reflect off of neighboring surfaces, filling the space with the presence of the branches.





ground floor plan  

second floor plan  

third floor plan  

perspectival section