Raspberry Fields
Hirsuita LLC
Modelmaking team: Rona Karp, Claire Vitto, Haila Adamo, Ben Kalenik, Molly
Munson, Justin Rice. Sofia Borges

This museum-quality model was constructed for the Matters of Sensation show at Artist’s Space in New York. The project, designed by Hirsuta principal Jason Payne, is a full renovation of an existing one-room schoolhouse built in northern Utah in the early 1900s. Long, slender shingles are attached to encourage premature curling of the kind already seen in the existing southwestern facade. The challenge of constructing the model was twofold. First we developed a system of mass producing shingles which would mimic the flamboyant and irregular characteristics of natural weathering. Our solution was to use a variety of hair curlers to curl birch wood veneer strips at varying radii. Additionally, the model was designed to come apart at the foundation as well as at the roof line in order to insure safe shipping from Los Angeles to New York. Each element had to be independently structurally sound as well as precisely constructed so the components would fit together seamlessly