High Strung: Cirque du Soleil Tent
Instructor: Dagmar Richter
UCLA Spring 2010
Design Team: Rona Karp, Kris Hedges, Ben Kalenik

High Strung imagines a new tent structure for Cirque du Soleil. In the spirit of Cirque du Soleil’s avant garde performance style, the tent will be a disorienting landscape of exuberant linework. The form of the tent is determined by inserting large programmatic voids—theater, restaurant, and backstage—into a web of tension cables and slender columns. The smaller, more flexible programmatic components—the foyer, bar, ticketing, concessions, giftshop, and circulation—inhabit the turbulent web directly. This web, therefore, delineates the contrasting interior experiences of trapped voids and labyrinthine interstitial spaces. From afar, the tent appears to be out of focus. Its vague boundaries are blurred by the moiré effects of the exterior and the glowing of the trapped voids from within.